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"I came in following my reverse shoulder replacement. It was my 3rd shoulder surgery in 4.5 years. I love the way my therapist pushed me and encouraged me, even on the days I was feeling wimpy. He tailored the therapy to work exercises into my daily life. Now, I have more strength and range of motion than I ever dreamed possible.  

My therapy routines are easy to do at home which makes it perfect for continued strengthening."


"I had unbearable pain deep in my right hip and lower back as well as the right side of my neck and shoulder. I had this problem for over a year. My physical therapist taught me to do certain stretches and exercises to make my hip condition better. He used a method called "dry needling" to get my neck and shoulder muscles to loosen up and relieve my pain which had made daily life activities so exhausting. I am no less stressed and exhausted and can now sleep without pain or discomfort."
-Mary Helen

"After my auto accident, the therapist was extremely kind and showed me plenty of stretches and workouts to reduce/eliminate issues I had with my back ache. They also made the experience easygoing with their positive attitude. I can now work/massage those muscles if they ever act up on me again." -Jose

"I had lower back pain for many years (since 1963). Now I do not have any pain and I have more movement. I can now bend, turn and walk better than before!! Super job!!" -Stan

"I had extreme shoulder pain for 3-4 months after an injury working out with my trainer. Rebound helped me to improve my pain by teaching me exercises and helping me do them correctly. My therapist used special techniques to stretch tight muscles and helped me to gain my range of motion back in my shoulder. I can now start working out again at the gym and I can ride my horses without pain. I can reach dishes on the top shelf and play my guitar without pain."


"I called numerous companies in Abilene. Rebound best suited both my scheduling and financial needs. I didn't think I'd ever be able to do simple daily tasks again. My abilities now far exceed my expectations. I can now do anything and everything. Even things I could not do before my injury! My goals were greatly surpassed. I will and have recommended Rebound to friends and family for their problems too!" -Sherri

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